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Notes on Cain and Abel
by Thirdtwin

Okay, silly speculation, but I've thought of the "genesis story" as described in Shevat, and have postulated over two or three things.  Bear with me here, as this is only speculation.  First of all Cain is a contact.  Think for a second before you scoff--Ramsus was an experimental Contact, but he was also Cain's clone ("only Cain can kill Cain", remember). thus, since Cain's clone is a contact...  Also, my belief is that the process of contacting grants power.  Note that, although proper contact wasn't achieved by Fei until his mind was unified, the power of Xenogears came from contacting, and Grahf (who is to Lacan as Id is to Fei) had also been afflicted with MPD (IMHO), thereby defeating the argument that the power of Xenogears was brought on by Fei's unity, not by the Wave Existance. However, power comes in many forms... Now here's my speculations: Cain and Abel set out to create lives for themselves--Cain with the Gazel & Abel with Ellly...  over time they founded nations and ruled them.  During this time, they made "contact" with the Wave Existence.  Abel returned from the "contact" with a sense of fulfillment, while Cain returned feeling rage at Abel, whom the "WE" had found worthy and pure.  Thus he plotted revenge. He set out with his new power and the Gazel to destroy Abel's country, killing Elly in the process.  Then, when Abel began to rebuild, Cain took him into the field and did him in (altough it must have been a battle of titans). In the end, he made the declaration that he had defeated his "brother", who was supposedly pure and therefore one of the strongest, Cain's defeatring of Abel proved that "only Cain can kill Cain"... hope you enjoyed my ramblings :).

Xenogears and everything in it are copyright Squaresoft. I claim no credit for their work/property. All artwork and stories belong to their respective artists and authors.