Welcome! This shrine is dedicated to the adoration of Shitan Uzuki -- or Hyuga Ricdeau, whichever you prefer. ^_^

Instead of carrying the common information and storylines that normal shrines do (it can all be found at Guardian Angels anyway!), we've decided to try for a more creative touch. ^_^ Just like the others, we've added a diary fan fic exclusive to this site, detailed information and rare artwork, as well as a few special things we just threw in for fun.

Enjoy your stay, and any contributions are welcome.

Featured Diary:
- From Heaven to Earth
The good doctor, with the shiny forehead. ^.^ In progress.

- Perfect Works Scans and Illustrations
- Manga Scans

- Character Scent/cologne
- Samurai Katana
- Shitan's Glasses
- Uzuki and Midori in kanji
- Uzuki as a reference
- Midori as a reference

- Links

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