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Links! They exist! Isn't this nice? Shitan is such a popular character...... not surprising with his good looks and mysterious background, eh? ^_^ I'll list both American and Japanese shrines here eventually. If you have any ideas, or you're starting a shrine of your own, be sure to tell me - I want to list every one of them on the Net!

Guardian Angel of Solaris
(English) A Livejournal community dedicated to Shitan, run by OneWingedHyu. A collective of fan work, fangirling (or your closest approximation of it), and Q&A for everyone's favorite Guardian Angel.

Citan Uzuki Shrine
(English) This one is primarily a fan site, but she's done a very nice job of it! It's home to "A Pair of Angels" (seen in our main fan fiction section).

Billy and Citan's Webpage
(English) This girl updates very frequently, and she has several interesting little tidbits, as well as fan works.

(English) shrine to Doc Uzuki. ^_^ She has weird little facts, links to Japanese websites, and a lot of her own wonderful drawings.

Guardian's Court
(Japanese) This is a great site! ^_^ They have a lot of stuff in a story-style (like the doctor's clinic, waiting room, etc.) and a handy design. ^_^

Kuripoku Honpo
(Japanese) This is a page dedicated not only to Shitan, but also the rest of his family! ^_^ Too bad some of the stuff was taken down...... ;_;

Yellow Brick Road
(Japanese) Well... this is a very yaoi-heavy site! It's a little strange as well, but... interesting, if you get used to it! They have a huge gallery dedicated to the Ex-Elements, most notably Hyuga, and then Sigurd.

(Title Unknown)
(Japanese) This has a lot of Hyuga pictures, though it does also focus on the rest of the Ex-Elements. Yaoi content -- beware!

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