Shitan's Glasses

B & L Single Lens Spectacle Loupes

I know, you were really expecting something dynamic after the intro, weren't you? ^_~ (Oh - you can check out the site these were on, if you're into buying these things!)

Well anyway, thanks to Lydia, we know that those lenses Shitan-sensei wears on his glasses actually exist! I have no idea if his designer intended to use this or not (probably, but... *shrug*) but it's certainly weird to see the real thing. This is supposed to be attached to the side of the frame of course, so it can be moved over the main lens for higher magnification. I would guess that these are used by scholars, or people who generally read a lot or do fine work (like working with mechanic stuff?).

- An attachment for glasses!
- Variation 1 - Behr Double Lens Spectacle Loupes
- Variation 2 - B & L Double Lens Spectacle Loupes

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