Samurai Katana

I couldn't go without mentioning this! I don't have a picture scanned in, but as soon as I do it'll go up.

Anyway, just by the shape of the sword on the battle screen, I think Shitan's sword is more this style than any other, like the Shirasaya or Tachi swords. It comes in a set of two (Wakizashi and Tanto blades) -- at least in the catalogs and collections I've seen. He doesn't need the sword at all, but it makes him several times stronger...... if he sharpens it like they used to do in Japan, it should be sharp enough to cut even silk......

("Silk" [above] refers to the practice of testing a blade's sharpness by letting a sheet of silk drift down onto a sharpened blade. Since silk will slide off of almost any surface thanks to its composition, if the blade's edge cuts through it, then it's as sharp as it can possibly be.)

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