Welcome! I'll keep this simple.

I've thought a lot about Krelian over the years. It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that he is my favorite character of all time. I've wept for others, but my mind always returns to dwell on him, and his story. What you'll find in this shrine is my fangirlish ramblings on what I consider to be the most tragic - and most human - character in the game.

I'd like to personalize the layout a little more, but that would require me to draw, and I think it's best we stay away from that. Enjoy!

Featured Diary:
- Silent Wishes
A story about Krelian and Emeralda during her time in Solaris. Frozen.

- Perfect Works Sketches

- Scent/cologne
- Childhood's End and Guardian Angel
- Knights Templar
- Scorpio
- Kabbalah name analysis

- Links

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