Well, not quite. ^_~ But Shades managed to find some rather interesting parallels between Krelian's personality, and that which is described for the Scorpio male. ^_^ You might also find, as you read it, that it also applies to Ramsus (though of course these always apply to everything - horoscopes are too general) - 'like father, like son', as they say...

Anyway, the explanation is below. Isn't it creepy? ^_~

Scorpio male:
"You deeply care about people and have an overwhelming desire to rehabilitate them. You are rational and passionate, deeply philisophical, and have a scintillating mind interested in probing life's deeper mysteries. In history there have been assorted Scorpio individuals who have used their charisma to influence the masses. All felt the Scorpio need to rise above their own limitations, and they dedicated their entire lives to the attainment of this ideal.

"Both morally and intellectually, you're a perfectionist and hold the highest standards for those to whom you are closest. You have a mind that is perceptive, intuitive, and emotionally aware. Mentally, you are strong, independent, self-reliant, and a silent warrior in times of difficulty. You have a mind that is so highly complex that you see nothing as simple. Because you are so emotionally intricate, you are often emotionally misunderstood. At times you may appear to be cold, aloof, and noncaring. However, the truth is that you are really self-sufficient, private, and cautious. Although you need love, falling in love is not an easy experience.

"You are quiet but forceful. You are also strong, willful and courageous. You have deep inner convictions and hold high ethical codes. You essence is the high-soaring eagle in flight, the symbol of the highest attainment. Like no other sign, you have invisible wings that will take you anywhere. It's all a part of your tremendous power, and you're not afraid to use it.

"Gaining success was never a problem, since you have such secret scruples that even you haven't the faintest idea what they are. You take great pride in your position of power, which is understandable, since you probably poisoned several people to get it. You are shrewd, selfish and sarcastic. Your ears curl around corners, your memory is vaster than a warehouse of microfilm, and your mind is like a laser beam. You have a frightening habit of unraveling people's minds and motivations, while remaining inscrutable and remote yourself.

"You are the greatest of all game players. Whatever the stakes, it's a given that you always win. You have more emotional maneuvers than any fiendish mind could manage to think of, and when your mind is intent and highly motivated, it's easier to reason with a hired killer than to talk you down. Although you are an intensely emotional human being yourself, you have an uncanny ability not to let that get in the way when you want something.

"The key to your soul is that you are terrified of the intensity of your unbridled emotions, and so you either repress or displace them. Emotionally, your changing moods are like a Ping-Pong tournament, where the action is so fast you kind of forget who's winning. The turbulence takes you from some euphoric place far beyond the clouds to an inferno of the most violent feelings. At such times, your gaze becomes icy, you demand to be alone, and God help the poor unfortunates who stumble through your path. Not only can you tread over someone else's emotions, you have a unique way of dragging your feet as you go.

"You are driven, shrewd, organized, hardworking, and highly focused in all professional undertakings, but unlike the Leo or Aries business tycoon, you don't have to shout from the top to prove your position. Instead, you are quiet, calculating, ann content to pull all the strings from a place of luzeriously privacy. The Scorpio mind is at once shrewd, willful, tenacious, controlling, success-oriented, and highly intelligent. Such a combination by itself is overwhelming. However, when you add to it the element of strong-willed patience, you have one human being who is unbeatable at anything he strongly desires. Inherantly, you have all the attributes needed for success. The only hinderance you must overcome is your fear of it. Once you relinquish your need to let your fears control you, all the forces of the universe become attuned to your commands.

"Your loyalty has no limits; neither does your capacity to sever feelings and nurse slights. Should you ever feel betrayed in a friendship, it's your tendency to cut the cords very quickly. First your voice becomes glacial; then all communication comes to a standstill, and your friend is turned to foe so swiftly that he almost wonders if the entire friendship was just a figment of his imagination.

"In moments of emotional crisis, you tend to cut off all feeling. Friends may mumble among themselves about the frigid state in which you seem to function, but what they don't understand is that your self-preservation instinct is rapidly sending out a signal ordering instant anesthetic.

Neptune decan of Scorpio
"You are more emotionally vulnerable than Scorpios born at other times of the month and have a tendency to cling to the past. Although you hate to admit it, you are also more sentimental and tend to hold onto situations that should be over. More so than Scorpios born in the other decans, you seek the peaks and find yourself on a constant quest for the distant ideal. However, once an attainment becomes real, its excitement seems to diminish. [*"Actually, I envy you two", eh? ^_~]

"Your nature is deeply sympathetic, compassionate, and concerned, and at the same time, you tend to be introverted and find it difficult to demonstrate your feelings openly. You have a tremendous healing ability, which should be developed for your own benefit, as well as for the benefit of others. Your special key to satisfaction in this lifetime comes in forgetting yourself and concentrating more on the needs of others. Chances are, your younger years brought you intensely sorrowful situations that are still not resolved in your consciousness. However, as long as you allow yourself to dwell in the miasma of your own emotions, they will definitely bring you down."

Cosmic Challenge
"The glyph for Scorpio is the letter M with a tail at the end. At its highest, this shape represents the ability to overcome emotional vicissitudes reflected in life's ups and downs. The tail at the end of the glyph symbolizes the destructive sting that Scorpio is capable of inflicting both on himself and on others when strangled by his own emotions.

"The challenge of this sign is balance and internal harmony. It is not enough for Scorpio to control the roar of the ocean. In addition, he must master the movement of the tides. Scorpio symbolizes the water element at its most dangerous. Intrinsic to its nature is the challenge of dying to rediscover life. This experience can be either a quiet, fearful drowning or a relaxed ride on the crest of every wave.

"Emotionally, Scorpio must master the highest lessons of the previous sign, Libra, that is, loving from a place of inner balance. Scoprio can be either passion-motivated by selfless commitment or perversion-motivated by selfish egotism. However, the key to attaining balance comes in sacrificing the constricting sense of pride that often cuts off the emotional flow. To experience love in its most expansive state, Scorpio must become emotionally adaptive to all situations, like the sign Sagittarius, which follows it. It must free itself of rigidity, and challenge itself to experience a love that is beyond its own controls. Then it can claim: 'I have sought; I have found; I have purified; and I have joined together through harmony.' In gaining a state of inner balance, it allows itself to have All."

"Scorpio represents the most potent power in the universe. Its underlying process is the alchemy of life through death. At your highest, you are the master magician, liberated from the limitations of the incarnate soul.

"When you relinquish your ego, you relinquish your suffering. When you become selfless, you become the self of everyman. When you achieve emotional calm,you become the healer of all turbulence. And in that,you become the giver of life through love,and you also becomes its scepter and its sword.

"Your psychic tool to self-attainment is selfless love. Your task is the correct and righteous use of your emotions. Your torch along the path is your vision of the All. You are the seer past all sense forms, and the one who searches in the silence. At this point, the structures of your environment no longer delude you; nor do they shackle you with tensions that have tentacles of control. Your mind has moved beyond surface successes to seek the timeless meaning of existence. Alone, you have passed through the dark night of the soul to be filled with heat and light. It radiates from each cell as you continue your journey. In this one brief life, your soul has led you through several thousand deaths, until finally you've allowed yourself the joy of rebirth."

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