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There aren't many Krelian shrines, but the ones I've come across are wonderful. (And hey, he rated more shrines than Miang, so that's something, right? Poor Miang.) If you'd like to see your link on this page, please let me know.

Krelian's Korner
(English) Wow!!!! An English Krelian shrine! This is great. ^_^ It's small, but it's a perfect sort of shrine, so let our fellow Krelian fanatic that we care. ^_^

Krelian Shrine
(English) Maria's shrine. She has a wonderful section of Krelian fan art, and many other sections of interest. For some reason I thought I had this link up here already, and then forgot all about updating. ^^

Hosinokakera - Krelian
(Japanese) This is a beautiful tribute to Karellen...... It has a lot of great fan art, story sections, and even nice theme music. ^_^ But it's all in Japanese, so be prepared.

Lunatic Gate
(Japanese) This isn't a Krelian shrine, but it is home to several amazing pictures of Krelian, not to mention a few of the other characters. The artist is also a fan of Xenosaga, so if you're looking for illustrations for that game, this site should be heaven for you. Midori-san is an amazing artist.

Krelian For President!
(English) This is only one page, but it's very amusing. ^_^ Written/created by Azusa Kuraino.

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