Welcome! This shrine is dedicated to the former Element of Fire -- Sigurd Harcourt.

Instead of carrying the common information and storylines that normal shrines do (it can all be found at Guardian Angels anyway!), we've decided to try for a more creative touch. ^_^ The shrine contains a "diary" fanfic maintained and updated by Amber Michelle, rare artwork from Japan, a timeline of secrets and facts more complete than any other section dedicated to Xenogears, and a list of links to other places of 'worship' dedicated to Sigurd.

Enjoy your stay, and any contributions are welcome.

Featured Diary:
- Wayward Guardian (upcoming)
What trials did Sigurd undergo to save his family?

- Designs and Illustrations
- Manga Scans

- Character Scent/cologne
- Body Painting
- Optical Whip

- Links

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