The Optical Whip

This is a somewhat interesting piece of equipment -- and for those of you that don't know, he follows the family tradition of carrying and using a whip as his weapon.

According to Clio Saga, although this is listed as a laser whip in the Perfect Works, it's actually something Shitan designed for him at Jugend, or at least while they were both in Solaris. (Laser whips aren't a practical idea, we were told, because they don't give a correct power feedback; not exact words at all, but that's the idea I got from them.) I imagine this weapon as something similar to the vibro-whips in Star Wars: a fiber-optic cable -- or a gathering of them, perhaps -- with wires integrated to allow a flow of electricity that would serve the same sort of shock and damage as a laser whip would. But even if I'm wrong, this is apparently an extremely deadly weapon (fit for Solaris!).

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