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Sadly, though Sigurd has many, many fans that I've heard of, I know of no American shrines, and very few Japanese ones. If you know of any, or have one yourself, we'd appreciate it if we could exchange links with you!

We can't let Sigurd starve for our attention now, can we? ^_~

(Japanese/English/Spanish) Soraya Saga's official site. She designed the Fatima family (and the Black family), and she has a ton of beautiful artwork displayed on her site. Many of the images in this shrine were used with her permission. Please, go marvel at her artwork. ^_^

(Title unknown)
(Japanese) This page is full of adorable rederings of Sigurd, and also Ramsus...

(Japanese) Aki's shrine to Sigurd -- and Xenogears in general, I think. Her art is beautiful...

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