Welcome! This shrine is dedicated to the adoration of Miang - and I know I'm not the only one who adores her. Come on. ^.^

After role-playing Miang for two years (or was it just a year and a half?), and writing for her substitute at DeM, I've gotten to really appreciate her as a character. Yes, I like her. I don't think she's a conniving demon. She's a very complex character with a lot of unfortunate potential for angst, and I'm not quite sure how she has amassed such a bad reputation, but deep down she's very interesting and likable. If I can think of more excuses to rant about her here, I'll try to convince everybody.

If you can think of anything you would like me to add, or would like to submit a diary fic, please let me know! I'll update when I can, but this is one of twelve shrines, so that might not be often. I hope you enjoy what we've got.

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