Character Scent: Contradiction by Calvin Klein

"...long years of cruel fate and betrayal, and the manipulation of many people, the name of this scent fits Miang well. The name of this scent translates to 'conflict' in English..."

Even the designers give Miang a bad reputation. ^.^

As the Mother, Miang definitely seems to be a contradiction to her name. Her mission is anything but motherly. She looks soft on the outside, but seems hard as stone on the inside, no matter what incarnation you find her in. Elly seems to have taken all of the humanity with her.

But what about all of the women she has overtaken? Do they really just disappear? Karen didn't. I wonder, sometimes, if 'conflict' can't be taken in a more literal sense; if Miang has absorbed anything from her hosts then surely it can refer to an internal, emotional conflict of some kind, but if she has to battle for her host every time she jumps into a new body (and in the case of Karen, maybe that battle was constant), I can imagine this fitting in more ways than one.

There's nothing really deep to say about this. The designers are pretty straightforward in what they intend for Miang, even though I think as a character, she is more complex than that. Her fate is cruel, but there seemed to be hope for her at the very end. I wonder what would have happened if the story had stretched on a little longer, and she had been able to break free as they said she was going to.

I'm not a big enough fan of alternate universe fics for that, don't worry. ^.^

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