Myyahele: a Reflection of Elly

In Katakana Miang's name is spelled "Mian," but the romanized version is "Myyah". They're nothing alike, though I guess the sound is close enough. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, until other people started getting the book and asking about it.

On the pages explaining the connection between Elly and Miang (conveniently located between their profiles), the designers placed both names in the background: "Myyahele" and "Elehayym." They're clearly reflections of each other, just as the characters are two halves of the whole. Even their coloring reflects this (but it's just a little off).

That's my justification for using the "Elehayym" spelling, although I'm inconsistent because I don't use "Myyah." I'm too used to Miang, I guess.

As noted on the character scent page, Miang's methods are quite opposite to Elly's - although she is the "Mother of Humanity" she certainly doesn't act like it.

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