Character Scent: Antaeus

(This is straight from the Perfect Works book -- beneath all the full profile pages - the picture profiles, rather - most characters had a scent/perfume/cologne associated with their personalities.)

"Antaeus, the mythological giant. Strong, masculine, and hints at a stubborn, but loyal person..." (Thanks ChibiAIDA!) And for the legend of Antaeus......

Antaeus was the son of Gaia in Greek mythology. He would challenge strangers to a wrestling match, promising the winner the priviledge of killing the loser. But he always won, because, as the son of earth, every time he was thrown to the ground, his strength would be regenerated. Hercules finally defeated him by holding him aloft and strangling him. (Paraphrased from Azusa's submission -- thanks! ^_^)

According to Azusa (and her book...... ^_~), he supposedly had so many victims he was building a roof (house?) from their skulls. (Err...... well, I wish I could read what they said about how this pertained to Ramsus. I can see a few things here and there, but I don't think I'll attempt the explanation just yet! ^_~)

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