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Ramsus was obviously a very popular character in Japan -- I've had these three sites bookmarked forever, and there are more I have yet to list. There aren't, however, any American shrines to him! What you see on this page will probably be exclusively Japanese, unless anyone knows of an English page dedicted to Kahr.

Some of these links contain yaoi material, so be aware. I can't recall all of them, but the ones I do know of will be marked accordingly.

Lost Child
(Japanese) A site focused on the love of Ramsus! (Meaning giving him the emotional support he needs, not what you're thinking!)

Guardian Angels
(Japanese) A site with the same name as my main page! ^^ If only I had known...... ^_^ It has a lot of wonderful drawings.

(Japanese) This has a huge shrine dedicated to Ramsus, and a lot of adorable pics...... I couldn't pinpoint an exact title though - sorry about that (my browser still objects to Japanese text). It also contains some yaoi overtones, so be aware.

Masamune Cat Club
(Japanese) This page focuses on Ramsus and Sigurd, so be on the lookout -- it definitely has yaoi content! I've also heard that the gallery has a strange format, but not having the time to look as of yet, I can't confirm that. ^^

Project C/R
(Japanese) Definitely a shrine -- I think the pictures on a lot of sites originate here.

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