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Shrines to Jesse!!!!! ^-^ Thanks to a few frequent visitors, we now have a slew of new links -- however, I think most of them are Japanese, and may/may not contain yaoi, so be warned.

Wow - one of the few English shrines out there! The maintainer has created a nice little niche for us Jesse fans, so go and pay her hommage - it's well deserved. ^_^ Fan art, fics, and other interesting stuff can be found here.

Kind of Blue
This is a fan art shrine to Jesse -- in Japanese, so get your decoder out...

Easy Garden
This shrine really seems to focus on Jesse and Hyuga. I'd watch for content, just in case. ^^; (Japanese)

J.B. Fan Club
This is a part of the "Masamune Cat Club" page, but since this is specifically about Jesse, we decided it warranted a place in here as well as the main links section. ^_^ (Japanese)

(Title Unknown)
We couldn't pick out the title, but there are a lot of Jesse pics under their "Games" section, if you're interested! (Japanese)

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