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There aren't many Id/Contact shrines in English, so most of these are Japanese. I'd be happy to link to shrines relating to any of the incarnations of the Contact here, so if you have a site you'd like on this list, or at least know of one, please let me know!

Muted Chaos
Amazingly, a fanlisting dedicated to Fei! Not to be mean, but I am a little surprised. (Eheh.) So, Fei fans... go for it!

The Demon of Elru
A Livejournal community dedicated to information and fanwork centered on Id.

The First and the Last
(English) The first English link! This is actually a Fei shrine, but what better place to put it up? It isn't quite complete, but it's a nice shrine that I recommend, since Fei gets so little love. (He's certainly not going to get any from me....)

Eig's CG House
This is a Japanese page, so I suggest having your browser enabled to read the language or finding a translator..... but aside from some very professional-looking artwork, this person has a shrine to Ido (of course!) in his page contents.

Ido Fun Club
(Japanese) I think the title says it all. ^_^

Inner Twins
(Japanese) very... interesting site. Worth going to, definitely, but it's a little on the strange side, at least to me. It's got a lot of yaoi content as well.

(Japanese) I'm not sure what the title had to do with it, but as you can probably tell by the location of the link, it's a shrine to Ido.

(Japanese) Beautiful collection in their gallery! Must see!

Mitchy Club
(Japanese) This one has kind of a yaoi focus, so be careful.

Holly's Field
(Japanese) 'Only' a mini-shrine, but very nice for that -- I like this one, personally.

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