Thoughts in Chaos
By Rune Grey

Chapter One

The pain was less now. Or perhaps it was greater, and I can simply no longer feel it as I once did, with my humanity stripped away from me by the events of the past few years. Seventeen days out on the ice, and still I had found nothing in this wasteland. If the pain that I feel as I slowly freeze to death is intense, it is nothing next to the agony I feel knowing that I have not found the vehicle of our vengeance...

Another step, too far a part of me screams, and I fall to my knees, the snow and ice biting into my flesh as I go down. I can't feel anything below that... my feet must be completely frost bitten by now. I am dying, but a matter of inches, each day I continue this hellish quest another part of me slowly slipping away.

What sustains me is my grief, my anger, and my thirst for vengeance. It drives me onwards, propelling me towards the horizon in front of me. I don't want to die, not yet. Not before I have fulfilled my promise... my promise to myself, and my promise to her.

None of the others understand... not Roni, not Krelian, no one. Roni mourns the loss of a great leader. Krelian mourns the loss of someone he respects, and dreams that he loves. None of them knew her the way I did. None of them saw her with my eyes, felt her with my hands. None of them ever truly appreciated the pain that she took upon herself, in order to spare others the sorrow and loss. And in the end, they repaid her with treachery, and death.

I will find the instrument of their destruction, the vehicle of our vengeance. Sophia, please understand... I will find it, and I will live on. I will walked over their bodies and live on, as you wanted me to... I just have to rest for a while...

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