Welcome! This shrine is dedicated to the adoration of Emeralda!

I know Emmy has a lot of fans out there, and this shrine was created in response to popular demand. I hope some of you can be convinced to contribute. ^.^ I like Emeralda and I definitely think she deserves the sort of fanatic tribute only a shrine can offer, most of my fanaticism directed itself toward Elly.

Still, it's my mission to make this shrine worth visiting: Silent Wishes is now featured here as well as the Krelian shrine, and I'm using this as an excuse to create an Emeralda gallery - updates to these sections will be listed on the main site. If you would like to contribute, we welcome you.

Featured Diary:
- Silent Wishes
A story about Krelian and Emeralda during her time in Solaris. In progress.

- Perfect Works Scans
- Manga Scans

- Character Scent/cologne
- Nanotechnology
- Crescens as a reference

- Links

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