Character scent: Rose Cameria by Chanel

"Rose-scented, the smell of the flower that invokes hidden memories...represents the tenderness in all women."

This is perfect for Elly. Their interpretation touches on her haunting memories of the past, and the motherly nature that was given to her by Zohar - or her character designer, if you prefer. ^.^ Someone said Elly was the designer's dream woman, and I suppose she is just the type a traditional guy would want. (Actually, I wouldn't know. I don't care, either.)

I've used this in my stories before because I think the scent of roses is suitable in other ways. It's strong and sweet, but roses also have thorns. Elly was a strong girl, always kind to everyone, but when she was pushed, she had the ability to strike back hard. Roses can also be overwhelming if you drench yourself in their scent, and at that point, you either love it or hate it - I always thought Miang both loved and hated Elly, so to speak.

I also speak from experience when I say that it's really hard to get rid of rose bushes. They're very determined plants. ^.^ It's a shame my roommate is allergic.

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