Character Scent: CK Be by Calvin Klein

"Clean, smooth, and casual scent...Gives feeling of righteousness, justice, and an A+ student...soft outsides backed up by strong heart." - Translation by ChibiAIDA.

I think Billy would definitely be an A+ student. ^.^ He's really stiff, formal, and anal that way. It's like he is determined to show his father up in any way he can.

Billy definitely has the coveted strength of will that allows him to do extraordinary things. He has spent what's left of his childhood raising his little sister because his mother was killed by Wels and his father deserted them, and he has taken other children under his wing as well. His task as an Etone is to face the horror of the Wels and put them out of their misery, to save people, and to comfort them. All of this, by the tender age of sixteen. His faith lends him strength, and he credits that to God, but in reality it all comes from within.

He may look pretty and weak, but anyone who judges him by appearance will miss what really matters. It's a shame he had to grow up so quickly, but instead of breaking him, it only helped him to grow stronger.

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