Manga Scans

Unless I get my hands on a few doujinshi scans, everything in this section will be from the Xenogears Comic Anthology. If you see a picture with more than one shrine character in it (in this section, Billy and Emeralda, or Billy and Sigurd), you can find the same picture in another character's shrine as well.

Yes, I take a perverse pleasure in looking at Billy in a dress. The artists apparently felt the same way. ^.^ These may be out of order - I arranged them in the order they were scanned. And these aren't the best scans in the world, but all but the first one are of decent quality.

      Bart seemed pleased with the result.        

Blackmail!         Handsome!   Billy has a tendency to go gun-crazy...  

      Right after this, he blew a giant hole through the door.  

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