References - Sophia

[First Holy Mother of Nisan.]

As quoted from A Dictionary of Angels:

"Pistis Sophia ("faith," "wisdom") -- a female aeon, one of the greatest in gnostic lore. She is said to have procreated "the superior angels." It was Pistis Sophia who sent the serpent to entice Adam and Eve. [Rf. Mead, Pistis Sophia.] According to the Texts of the Savior, she is the daughter of Barbelo.

One can also compare Sophia to the Virgin Mary, sometimes known as the 'queen of angels'. The Kabbalah provides a like-entity in the Shekinah, the female aspect of Metatron (or God, depending on what you read).

From Ahmad P. Arifin:

Sophia is a saint in Christianity and Catholocism.

A Gnostic Aeon. (Aeon is a gnostic term meaning female aspects, refers specifically to a few select goddesses and humans). The name Sophia means "widsom". In Hebrew and Hebrew/Greek thinking, wisdom is often personified as female. For instance, in Luke 7:35, Jesus says "Wisdom is justified of her Children". In fact, in the Sistine Chapel, in one of the pictures where God reaches a finger to Adam, she stands behind God as equals, in a position somewhat comparable to a wife. In a Gnostic amulet, she is seen as a naked woman with two angels holding a crown above her head. Many Greek Churches, incuding the great basilica in Byzantium, devoted to Hagia Sophia, which means "Holy Wisdom".

In Gnostic teaching, Sophia, filled with the desire to "create without a spouse", created the Universe from a self-induced orgasm, including her daughter, Sophia Akhamoth.

Sophia Akhamoth: Gnostic. After being created from her mother, she became a seperate deity and also began to emit creative sexual energy. She is Sophia's daughter, and together, mother and daughter continued to shape the universe. Sophia was concerned mainly with the forming of the spiritual plane, while Sophia Akhamoth worked with human beings, teaching them wisdom on the physical level. Occultists call her sphere the Lower Astral Light or Ether.

Also, a quote from a letter -- Sophia said something about God being inside themselves (or something like that..) Well, I won't bet on Square searching this far, but some centuries ago a Moslem named Syah Siti jenar started to teach that same principal, that God is inside humans and they are to believe in their own powers. He was killed by a fellow Moslem for infidelity to God, rebelling to His teachings. I don't know, but its mighty peculiar..Sophia was betrayed by Zephyr while fighting against Solaris.