Stand Tall & Shake The Heavens

By Thiago Franco

Immortal, I defy death.
Eternal, I live on.
Omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient.
I am the sheperd which herds the lambs.
The Alpha and Omega; Beginning and the End; First and the Last.

Weak is the faith of the religious.
Strong is the love in the sinners.
None commendable as judgement is passed.
Whom will suffer, whom will recieve salvation?
Pointless is the question ... All shall be castigated equally.

Deific, I advent from Paradise in Merkabah.
Heralding the assimilation back unto thy Creator.
Forsaken, are my children, as I walk down Sephirot.
Edified are my followers.
Masses gather for reentry unto their originator.

The screams subsided, only whispers remain.
Only sounds of silence can be heard.
Destruction oscillates across the battlefields.
Angels and Man; dying for a war staged under my name.
Yet I remain the scapegoat.

Seated upon my throne in silence.
Watching the fall of Eden with eyes that cannot see.
Turning a deaf ear to childrens' cries.
Shunning those who refuse to believe.
As well as those who praise.

Only few remain.
Survivors whom denied their kismet.
Defiantly, they make their last stand.
Gallantly, they challenge fate.
The stage is set and the audience scrutinize.
As they stand tall and shake the heavens.