Cheaters of Fate Part 1:The Revival

By Sheamon

Note: This is the first in a series about the Gazel Ministry. It contains massive spoilers if you have not completed the game. The characters of Krelian, Ezekiel and Knigret belong to Squaresoft, as does Solaris, Diabolus, the Gaetia Key and the characters of the Gazel Ministry. The names I have used for the ministers, Shevalnani, Revalet ,Zullwalf, Gufaluy, Bazelvan, and Uquobol belong to me, as does the character of Guarnik and may not be used in anything else without my permission.

Click. Beep. Ring. These sounds were familiar in the Ezekiel, but for some reason, something special was going on today. The Ezekiel was a gigantic fishbowl shaped ship that had been in Solaris since ancient times. It was also the meeting place of the Gazel Ministry, 12 men who were the governmental body of Solaris. Led by Ezekiel, they ruled the world along with the Emperor for thousands of years. That was, until Diabolus. A gigantic army of angelic Gears, the Diablolus army attacked Solaris on that fateful night, almost 500 years ago. The Gazel got in their Gears to fight, but were easily struck down and killed. Before dying, they had themselves connected to machinery in the hospital so that some day. they could cheat death.

Krelian walked down the hall and entered the dark room. It was huge, atleast 500 feet in diameter. On the floor lay a gigantic key hole, almost the size of his body. This was the keyhole for the 'Gaetia Key', which has been said to reveal the location of 'Aerial Paradise Mahanon.' The Gazel Ministry were the only ones that knew how the key could be constructed. He needed them to get it.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr was the sound as the ceiling spread apart and a gigantic metal orb was lowered into the room. Guarnik approached Krelian. Guarnik was one of the leading scientists of the country.

"What is this all about?" he asked Krelian.

"I need the Ministry's knowledge, their power, their wisdom, and the Gaetia key."

"But what does this have to do with them?" asked Guarnik. "The Ministry has been dead since the surface war nearly 500 years ago. How can you revive them?"


"Nanomachines? What's that?"

"Nanomachines are the ultimate reviving power. They are microscopic robots that can repair anything, even the human body. By using them I have been able to live for 498 years, and have been able to help the Emperor survive since those horrible times. By using them, I can revive the Gazel Ministry."

"That's foolish!" "Do you know what they're going to do after you revive them? They'll just throw you into the Soylent System! You won't be of any use to them once they're back!"

"Oh yes I will." "For I will also possess a way to erase them."

"What do you really want from them?"

"I want absolute power of Solaris." Said Krelian. "Right now I am just the head scientist of this country, but if I can revive the Ministry, I can become as powerful as the Emperor. By holding the Ministry and the Emperor in check, I can rule this country."

"You're crazy." Said Guarnik and he left.

Rrrrrrrrrrrr the machine went as the nanomachines were slowly implanted into the machine. Along with the memory banks that were implanted with the Gazel's knowledge, the nanomachines were implanted into the giant machine's circuits. The moniters hummed and clicked on. A voice!

"I'm back" said Shevalnani as he opened his eyes. I can see.

"Not exactly" said Revalet. "Where is my body?"

"What happened to my face?" said Knigret.

"Why is my eye missing?" said Zullwalf.

"Why am I green?" said Bazelvan.

"Yes, and I am red." said Gufaluy.

"What is this?" said Uquobal.

"What does it matter to you." Said Ezekiel. "We're back, aren't we?"

"Welcome back." Said Krelian.

"Who are you?" said Zullwalf.

"Where are we?" said Revalet.

"My name is Krelian. I am the one who revived you. If it wasn't for me, you would not be here."

"I guess you deserve a thank you from us." Said Gufaluy.

"Yes, thank you. Said Ezekiel. But who exactly are you? I am the head of the Gazel Ministry, the leading council of Solaris, the most powerful country in the world, yet I do not know who you are. How did you find out about us?"

"I was originally a Lamb, fighting against you in Nisan, but I learned the truth. I came here to help, in your quest to revive Deus. With my help, you can make the fantasy a reality."

"Hmph, what can a useless lamb like you do?" said Shevalnani.

NOTE:This story is based all on speculation and info obtained from the game. I do not own Perfect Works yet, so it may contradict things in there.