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"some q's" , Thu 3 Aug 00:42

This game's story is really confusing. Ok here are the questions:

-Why did Miang run tests on Fei trying to awaken him if she said she was sure he's the contact? Why didn't she just kill him since he's a threat to Deus?
-The contact is supposed to regain all memories of his past lives after making contact with the Wave Existance right? Then how come Id already had memories of his past lives before?
-When were the first gears created?
-All humans were ancestors of the Gazel and Cain right? Who did they do it with? It doesn't make sense!

That's all for now. I ask too many questions :P
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"Re(1):some q's" , Fri 4 Aug 03:50

remember when Deus is about to be resurrected, Zohar needs to absorb Fei to complete Deus' ressurection and Grahf was absorbed instead. So it's true that Fei is actually needed for Deus' resurrection. Though I really don't understand this part, as Miang and all the anima relics were part of Deus, that's why they must be absorbed back to resurrect Deus. Now this implies Fei/Abel must also be a part of Deus as needed for Deus' ressurection. I developed a theory about Abel was part of Deus, but seems no one agrees. So maybe Fei's power is from Deus and need to be absorbed back? Why Fei is refered to as the slayer of God if Fei is also part of Deus?

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"Re(1):some q's" , Thu 3 Aug 04:14

Disclaimer: Don't take this as absolute truth. Just because *I* happen to think I'm right on most of this doesn't mean I am. However, if you disagree, try to actually make a meaningful reply, instead of repeating everything with just a few changes, ne?

(Sorry, someone just irritated me on another message board. ^^)

#1 - She was trying to provoke an awakening, among other things - but it never hurts to be sure. And she couldn't kill him, since he is one of the components of Deus. It would be ridiculous to kill something you need to complete your purpose.

#2 - That's what the Awakening was - it awakens the Contact. That means memories as well as ether potential. If nothing else, Ido spent so much time in Fei's head that he learned how to break into the memories. I'm sure the Wave Existence did its part as well...

#3 - Indications say Zeboim, but it could have been later just as easily. I'd have to actually look, for this one. ^^ Don't remember...

#4 - Gazel + Miang, Cain + Miang. Make sense now? I wouldn't bet on Abel and Elly. (This is, of course, my opinion - but think about it. *shrug*)


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"Re(2):some q's" , Thu 3 Aug 09:50:

OK I just want tro elaborate more on the question about when Gears were created. There are actually two points in the history (kinda like history repeats itself)

Since the Deus-prototype-terminal-defence-units were Gears (True Weltall was one) it would be reasonable to assume that the people on the ELDRIDGE (before genesis) had Gears. Citan says that Babel Tower was built by Gears and Babel is the main hull of the ELDRIDGE. This means that the people on Lost Jerusalem had Gears, probably also in order to shut down Deus when it went out of control in 2510 AD.

Now Gears draw their power from the Zohar modifier through Slave Generators. This means that Gears didn't exist before Zohar.

Zohar was discovered/created in 2001 AD. After that people on Lost Jerusalem (or Earth, whatever you wanna call it) got ether power and built Gears, and the planet probably became similair to the Xenogears world we know.

After the ELDRIDGE crashed there were no Gears in use until they were re-created in the Zeboim era with the discovery of ELDRIDGE and the Slave Generators.

In short. Gears were created originally

around 15 500 - 15 000 years ago (Earth/Lost Jerusalem)

and then re-discovered/created

around 5 000 - 4 000 years ago (Zeboim)


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"Re(3):some q's" , Thu 3 Aug 18:43

You also have to remember the Gazel ministry had that plan to use Fei and his friends as new bodies for the ministry. When they came up with that idea I can only guess but that would be another reason why not to kill him. It would be a little early for her to piss of the ministry. Although I get the feeling that she and Krelian had some other purpose in mind since they constructed Ramsus to be an artificial contact. The other idea I had is that they want Fei (a true contact) to have a child who would have DNA of both the Anti-type and the contact. This child would be able to interface with Deus. They mention this as being one of the reasons why they wanted Emerelda. Although since she's not a natural child and Krelian kicked her out after studying her, its safe to assume that she wasnt suited to interface with Deus.

I always assumed that Gears were originally developed by the people of the Eldridge and later excavated by the people of Zeboim and whoever they were at war with. Keep in mind that it would have taken a while for humanity to develop to a point in which they'd have the technology to reactivate the things and learn how to operate them.

Humanity evolved on the planet in this order Mother persona gives birth to the Gazel and Cain. Mother Persona splits into Miang and Elly. Elly falls in love with Abel presumably Elly refuses to be a part of resurrecting Deus which angers Cain who hunts the two down. Miang then sleeps with the Ministry and Cain allowing humans to populate the earth.

Ok most of this is my interpretations although theres probably some nuggets of truth in there too :)

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