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"Awakenings, and Unlimited Power" , Sat 5 Aug 10:22

This post was inspired from Myaru's last post in the 'Urobulous Ring - definition?', just so you know.

My impression is that everyone in the game had the potential to have the unlimited ether ratings that Fei and Elly did, but were restricted by their state of 'conciousness'. One of the major referances that Grahf, Miang, and Krelian make through the entire game regarding other people is an 'awakened' state.

Perhaps because of the Urobulous factor that exsists in everyone, each person on the planet has the potential to channel unlimited amounts of Ether like Fei and Elly are capable of. However, the standard citizen of the Xenogears world is not 'in tune' with Urbulous like Miang and the other avented characters are. They require something more drastic than simply being alive to bring themselves to the proper state of being to channel that type of energy.

Stein is an excellent example, after Krelian 'modifies' him. Grahf comments that Stein's power is fake... most specifically that he has suffered a false awakening. So perhaps Stein was an attempt by Krelian to 'awaken' someone using his nanotech?

And of course we all know what Grahf does to people... probably what can be regarded as a true awakening. The entire speech he gives points in that direction, after all... and the power of 'the glorious Mother of Destruction' is probably Miang's power, or the ability to truely awaken and align with the Urobulous.

Course, thats just my theory... any inspired comments?

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"Re(1):Awakenings, and Unlimited Power" , Sun 13 Aug 14:23

Myaru makes a good point when she stated that the awakenings performed by grahf were essentially false ones as well.
The potential to awaken does seem to be something that everyone might be able to attain but so very few do. Every person that received an awakening from grahf was bent on destruction.
There was always the need to destroy focused on fei and the others when grahf gave them the power. Just as the rage and sadness that lacan took with him as he searched for the power to protect those he loved, but it was exactly that hatred and sadness that caused his imperfect awakening. Lacan was infused with an incredible power but it was shaped to the will off his soul. Perhaps if his intentions were not to seek a power to destroy and he had calm feelings in his heart. Then grahf would have never been born. So i believe thats why grahf always waited untill there was a need to destroy before granting an awakening, knowing full well that the rage and hatred of Vanderakaum, stein and shakaan(sp) would manifest itself to the fullest in the transformation.

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"Re(1):Awakenings, and Unlimited Power" , Sun 6 Aug 01:13

This is something I've been thinking about for quite awhile, actually... Unfortunately, I don't have much of anything intelligent to say about it at this time of night. ^^

... One thing I think we can be sure of is Urobolus - or a factor/unawakened fragment - and its existence in every human. Miang possessed it, and her offspring possessed it through her. It seems to me that the Ring would be passed down through every generation of human... in fact, it would have to be, if she is able to transmigrate.

But even with the potential, I think one of the reasons most humans aren't granted the same awakening (besides there being no logical purpose for it) might be the fact that humans simply aren't built to handle that kind of power. At least, not without years and years of diciplines and meditation. It takes a certain kind of poerson to handle "power", and power in that quantity might do more than strain one's morals -- it could, possibly, hold the potential to burn someone out as well, as in the Wheel of Time.

Kahn managed a good bit of control, but Kahn was a dedicated martial artist, and I believe he had to work long and hard to gain the abilities he did.

But generally, only Fei, Elly, Miang, Cain, and the descendants of the Gazel have any significant ether potential... meaning the victims of the Cycle and the Animus. From the beginning, these were meant to have some sort of advantage, as they are components of Deus... yet humanity comprises only the body of Deus, and hold no great power on their own.

Actually, that alone would indicate that you're right -- Deus certainly has an infinite control of "ether", but it can only draw on that when it has a living, physical body. And if all humans hold infinite potential... *shrug*

It could also mean that, although humans don't possess much power on their own, they're built in such a way that their power will be awakened when they are merged.

Hmm... Krelian said that human souls were simply spilled over "waves" from the higher dimension... which means that all souls hold a link to that dimension because they are still a part of it, or perhaps made of the same substance... This means that in theory, Zohar would not be necessary in the event that a person wanted to channel ether... because the essence of Zohar is also of that higher dimension, and this means that human souls and the Existence are one and the same. (Not that that was hard to figure out. ^^)

So technically... humans in the Xenogears would should still be able to channel ether. In fact, with that in mind... it's just another element to support your theory. ^.^

In this case, the requirement for an awakening is the discovery of your own, true soul. Or your true self, whatever you want to call it. So perhaps Grahf's method is not a true awakening either, so much as a forced opening of that channel. Even if the person is willing, it would probably damage them to teh point that they wouldn't live long anyway... or it would drive them mad. To have to face every truth and facet of yourself all in an instant... it's hard enough to face that when you're prepared, and given time - facing it in a moment could be overwhelming.

(*smacks herself before she can mention that overwhelming emotion seems to be the stimulus of almost every Awakening in the game*)

I think it's time to shut up now. This is way, WAY too much useless, irrelevant rambling. (And unless I hear otherwise, this is going up on GA when it's done...) ^^/~

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"Re(1):Awakenings, and Unlimited Power" , Sat 5 Aug 21:55

I actually had a very similar idea concerning the "awakenings" and the exact nature of Grahf's power. ^.^ *resists the urge to make a comment along the lines of "great minds think alike"* The connection with Urobouros was something I'd actually never thought of before... my theory was more based upon the Wave Existence's comment about the three-dimensional universe being born from primal energy spilling out from the higher dimension. Because of the nature of that creation, I figured it was possible that all beings in the Xenogears universe still maintain some kind of link to that higher dimension, through which they channel the power known as Ether. The actual theory about this is long, fairly convoluted, and invokes obscure theories about hyperspace and would probably sound utterly absurd to anyone with more scientific grounding than myself, and admittedly I made the whole thing up just to justify having Gears and Ether work in my post-game stories. ^^;;;; And I haven't ever fully explained it in a story, even after nitpicking so much over it. ^^;

The idea of the awakening of another character might be an interesting idea, though... as far as I could see, the only ones who could actually tap that power in their ordinary state were Fei (and his various personalities), Elly, Grahf, and Miang. I wonder what would happen if one of Grahf's chosen victims/subjects /hadn't/ been killed immediately after receiving the Power, and maybe got a better idea of what exactly it /was/... *shrugs* Just rambling, I suppose. I've always wanted to use that idea in a fanfic, but never got around to doing more than hinting at it.

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"Re(1):Awakenings, and Unlimited Power" , Sat 5 Aug 21:29

Ok my understanding is that everyone in the world was able to use Ether energy for use in attacks not just Fei and Elly. In Fei's case he receives additional powers because he was the contact. I'm not 100% sure Elly really receives an awakening of her powers quite like Fei does because she wasnt designed to make contact with the wave existence although she does seem to have some hightened abilties due to her being the anti-type. As for the other members of Feis Party, Myaru made it clear that Fei's friends with the possible exception of ChuChu were descendants of the Gazel ministry and perhaps Cain. This means they have certain DNA strands allowing them to interface with Omni-Gears or terminal interface weapons. I dont think they have any heightened ether powers though.

Miang is the tricky one to work out We've heard dozens of theories such as her power depending on the host body or the urobolus ring generating ether powers in any host like mitochondria in Parasite Eve. Another theory I had is that the executioner's Gown which she wore amplified her Ether powers I came up with this idea because we dont really see her use her ether powers when she wasnt wearing the gown. Her gear could work in much the same way.

As for Grahf what I assumed he was doing was fusing people with some of his power which he got from his awakening. Why he called other power false I'm not too sure, isnt power just power? Maybe he called it True power because his power and Fei's comes from the wave existence: the highest power source in the 4th dimentional universe. By comparison anything else would seem kinda fake

Well those are my interpretations hope they help.

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